Friday, September 13, 2013


The cat has gone missing. Again.

Like clockwork, really, Moggie’s repeating last year’s behaviour—this means she ran away immediately after her vet appointment last year (when she was spayed), and this year she’s run away again, but this time after having gone to the vet to update her shots.

And the thing is, I’m less miffed about the missing cat part and more miffed about the updated shots part.

I mean... seriously, Moghedien? You wait until we’ve shelled out $150 to the vet and then you decide to hit the road? ::headdesk::

She’s been microchipped. She’s been fixed. She’s been vaccinated. She’s ridiculously friendly and has probably whored herself to someone down the street who thinks that because she’s so tiny she’s a stray, when no, no, she’s really NOT...

Do I put up posters? Because honestly, no one’s going to give her back to us if I post what I’m really thinking:

Lost: Small Black Cat

Called Moggie/Moghedien (Moe-GIDDY-en).

Whores herself to everyone, then betrays.
Lacks sense of self-preservation.
Not afraid to get dirty. Good killer.

Basically follows her namesake to a T.

Family misses her We’re all pissed she took advantage of us and bailed.

If seen, please call XXX-XXX-XXXX. We’d love to throttle her ourselves.

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