Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our Feline Foodie

[Note: This post was originally published on The Mrs on February 25th, 2012. We can add mint chocolate chip ice cream (no other flavours), lemon cranberry muffin papers, and pesto sauce to the list...]

Cats are weird. Quelle surprise, right?

Sandi’s experiences prove the theory, but even without that, I think everyone can agree.

We have two cats. Even if you haven’t been around The Mrs long, you could discover that from my bio below.


One (Shakespeare: 15 lb, overbearing, long-haired tabby Tom) eats what you might expect. Dry cat food, the occasional cat treats, and whatever he can hunt. (Never mind, lately he’s taken to leaving dead Chickadees in the backyard, so clearly he’s taken to hunting for sport now...)

The other (Minette: 7 lb, quaint and dainty, long-haired tabby female) eats anything that remotely resembles food. Feline or otherwise.

Seriously. Of the list I’m aware of (because I’m deluding myself if I believe I know all that she’s been into when I’m not around...)

- raw broccoli
- cooked cauliflower
- pecans
- cream cheese, marble cheese, Brie cheese in any form
- bacon
- turkey breast
- egg whites (pasteurized over straight-from-the-shell)
- mashed squash
- saltine crackers
- gummy bears (but not jujubes)
- chips (she prefers all-dressed and any of the Doritos flavours)
- (and my favourite of the list so far) Nutella

Who doesn’t like Nutella?!

No, we have not given our cat these foods. She takes them for herself, usually by stealthily sneaking onto the counter or table when our backs are turned. She took a piece of bacon out of my-then-two-year-old’s hand.

(The protest was impressive. And can you blame him? Stolen bacon? I’d be mad too...)

And of course Minette eats cat food and cat treats. I consider this a given.

Mr Lannis and I also routinely place boxes of tissues over the glasses of water on our bedside tables at night, lest Minette drink straight out of them...

Anyhow... this is all backstory. Recently I was getting the boys ready for school, and had put bread into the toaster (thinking I was ahead of the game by getting everything set so I just had to push the button down when it was almost toast time...), and returned to the kitchen to see this —


The what...?! I don’t even... I mean... WHAT?!


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