Genetic Testing & Prophylactic Mastectomy

Okay, I couldn't seem to pare down that title. (Sorry. Shit Verbosity happens.)

It's been no secret, this journey that began in May 2011, but I haven't exactly been singing it from rooftops, either. It heartily lands in the TMI category, and yet at every pass I've heard from specialists, surgeons, and counselors that I have "such a positive attitude" that they wish they could share my point of view with other clients who could use a different perspective.

I don't have a positive attitude, by the way. I have a realistic attitude. Huge difference. I'm not all giddy rainbows about having my boobs cut out, I simply recognize that things can always be worse.

This, my friends, is the heart of what I quaintly call terminal realism.

And so it began to nag in my brain, the need to share this journey, in case someone out there needed to hear it and know they weren't traveling alone.

(Or, you know, in case someone has a twisted voyeuristic need to know what goes on in the head of a woman who willfully allows scientists and surgeons to hack off her most visually marking indicator that she is female on what basically amounts to because they said so. Whatev.)

After deciding to go ahead and publish my experience, I figured my blog would benefit from a page that gathered the pertinent posts in one place (uh, that'd be the one you're currently reading, if it's not clear).

So here it is... I'll update the links accordingly as posts go live, on a schedule of once a week in its entirety. Enjoy!

(Um, unless maybe the idea of someone telling you to "enjoy" the story of how she replaced her tits makes your stomach turn because, well, it's the story of how she replaced her tits... in which case, insert your own favourite/non-offensive valediction and we'll call it even...)

In Defense of Angelina...

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Part 12: In Conclusion...


Addendum: The Land of Tweaks