Resident Rambler

Okay, so, here’s where it’s tricky. For a long time I’ve gone by the pseudonym Lannis. It began as a handle for Then I wrote the occasional post on my friend’s blog (The under the same pseudonym.

It’s kind of followed me around, rightly so, and since it’s dear to me, I’m not about to part with it just yet. The names, though—Leslie, Lannis—they're pretty much interchangeable now, depending on how you met me.

As for the rest, well, I live in Smalltown, Ontario, with my husband (Mr Lannis), my two kids, our two cats (one ran away, ungrateful a-hole), and one hamster (rest in peace, jerkface).

I’m not a huge fan of labels, but if they help someone gain a mental picture of who I am, I suppose I can supply a list that marginally applies. (Be prepared to be as confused as I am.)

To recap, I am:

a writer, a reader, an adult (sometimes), a geek, a wife, a parent, a struggler, a nuisance, a procrastinator, a jerk, a fighter, a terminal realist, an opinionated smart mouth, an unorthodox seamstress, a gratuitous user of parentheses (and italics), unashamed, extremely verbose, and just plain ol’ organized chaos.

Um. And my filter's broken.

You’re welcome.