Friday, May 24, 2013

Say Yes

Have you seen this video yet?

It’s surfaced in my Facebook news feed a few times, and it’s always popular when it does. I know I enjoy it.

I pointed it out to Mr Lannis (he’s not online much), and he enjoyed it, too—watch it if you haven’t, it’ll brighten your day, for sure. Go ahead... I’ll wait.

Did you watch it?

Okay. Because I’m about to dissect why it’s such a hit. (Note: this is my opinion only—I have no background in psychology.)

It’s very simple, really...

This guy? This random dude and his wife at the pumps? They say yes.

That’s it.

(Pinned on Pinterest, but originally from Inkymole Illustration.)

To elaborate: when the gas pump newscaster interrupts his day, this random gentleman not only partakes in friendly conversation instead of being too cool to play along, he also embraces the moment and plays.

Crazy concept, right?

He volunteers that he sings karaoke (when asked if he sings professionally), and then goes ahead and sings karaoke on the spot.

He says yes.

He is joyful.

He is playful.

He doesn’t treat the newscaster as a fixture, which the man very literally is—a fixed, though playing, screen at the pumps. And one would not be remiss for never noticing that the newscaster were attempting to interact with a gas pumping bystander. It’s okay to be lost in one’s own thoughts, especially in an instance such as this which is so out of the ordinary, but much can be said about treating others as human beings and not backdrop in our own personal play.

This man, this random karaoke singing gentleman, though, is at first unobservant, but not entirely so. More importantly, he’s interactive.

And why is this video such a viral storm of joy?

Because he gets into it. He sells it. He’s clearly enjoying himself.

He may momentarily look a fool, but he doesn't care, and his fun is infectious. His wife is just as game to play along (she’s her own sort of fabulous—seriously, watch the video if you haven’t already).

They are not afraid to be themselves and are not too cool to show it.

They have personality. They cheer each other on, and sure, it’s a spectacle, and an odd scene to witness at the gas pumps—but one of harmless delight.

They say yes.

And I’m pretty sure we all get a snapshot view of exactly why this couple is married—they’re not afraid to have fun, or to have fun together.

Playing is not something we should discard as we grow up.

Because I’m no expert, and this is simply my deconstruction of the social response to this video (a video which has over 12 million views and counting after a week online), but I’m going to throw this out there for everyone anyway... we, all of us, are a little enamored with the courage shown by this random guy, and the clear pleasure he exhibits while enjoying his moment.

And I’m pretty sure that a lot of us, even though we might not have the guts to put on the same display—and a part of us might be appalled at creating such a spectacle—well, I’ll bet we’re all thinking the same thing: he must be a great guy to hang out with.

All because he said yes.


  1. and that my friend, is why I'm a clown. Stick a red nose on and you can get away with just about *ANYTHING*

  2. LOVE! Also, I will never adjust anything on my person in front of a gas pump ever again.

  3. That was so sweet! Put a perk in my day! Thanks!

  4. I had not had the opportunity to see that video before today, so thank you! What a fantastic couple of free spirits!

  5. EricisnotagiantsquidMay 24, 2013 at 11:44 PM

    Yes? Yes. Yes! YEEEEEEEES!!

    Well, maybe. I dunno. My gas pumps don't usually talk back to me.

  6. Yeah, mine don't either. But it's probably strategic on their part, because I'd just stand there and yak all day--they'd never get rid of me... heh.

  7. Fun, right? Infectiously happy. :)

  8. Oh, good! A happy thought going into the weekend. Have a good one, Cameron! :)

  9. Haha! I know, right? Makes you hyper aware of those cameras we don't see...