Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Mango Sprout: Update

So... for the last, oh, six months or so our little Mya the Mango Sprout hasn't done a whole lot.

Same six leaves as the last post.

Okay, that's not true: I'm sure she's grown herself some fantabulous roots, but lord knows we haven't seen much new from her on this side of the soil.

Until now.

Yes, I've spotted a teensy tiny bud of new growth.

We has new leaves, ladies and gentlemen!

And if the speed at which she acquired the first set of six is anything like how these bad boys are about to come in, well, we'll have another four or six leaves by Christmas.

Yes, this is exciting to me.

Might be a stay-at-home mom thing: some people watch paint dry when they're bored; I watch plants grow.



  1. There is nothing boring about plants growing, since mine usually don't. Rather, mine sprout and look like little plants, then eventually end up dying because I screw it up somehow. My husband has a plant in our bedroom that I am not allowed to touch, because he knows I'll end up killing it. Your mango sprout growing and thriving is exciting!

  2. I try hard... I can make African violets grow from clippings, too, but for whatever reason violets only like certain rooms in our house and we've maxed out our violet area's quota for now...

    And I love that your hubby doesn't let you touch his plant... haha!

  3. Well, to be fair, the plant used to belong to his mother who passed away a few months ago. I think if I killed her plant, we'd need relationship therapy.

  4. I see how this might be... (am I a horrible person for laughing when I read your comment?)

  5. No... I think this might be why we are friends.