Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Something different...

Today, for the very first time, after months and months of hemming and hawing and reasons why the timing isn't perfect, and despite the very real fact that I'm not allowed to get sick right now, I am... (ready? this is B.I.G... big...):

Volunteering in my son's class this morning.

Yes. I know. Me.

Me. Who, despite appearances and evidence to the contrary, is NOT A JOINER.

Me. Who, for all intents and purposes, could win awards for her impression of a hermit on just about any given day.

Me. Who covets her rare days when both boys are in school for housework, errands, writing, appointments, costuming, reading, napping, and dicking around on the Internet... (any and all of the above, really...).

Why? Why am I giving up this blessed peace?

Well, it's rather simple: it means so much to him.

And I believe in the power of hand sanitizer.

[Bonus funny: my niece calls it hanitizer... get it? Hand sanitizer = hanitizer? Hi, Mar Mar! Love you, my sweet girlie!]

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