Friday, May 3, 2013

The Mango Sprout

Under the heading of “weird shit I do because I am my mother’s daughter,” I present to you: The Mango Sprout...

Long story über short: I bought a ripe mango at the grocery store (something I do a couple times a year) and shared it with my kids. They loved it.

I loved that the seed pod was cracked open, and I could wedge out the seed.

Cut to me frantically googling the best way to get this bad boy to sprout...

Thank you, Interwebs! (Yay!)

So it’s been a few weeks, and this poor little guy has been living with toothpicks (it used to be a pair) jammed into his sides. And at one point, I was worried he was rotting and I was wasting my time.

Why do I reference my mother?

Well, because she was a natural green thumb—or at least tried her best—and a half-tame guerrilla gardener, too—she was constantly (and surreptitiously) snipping leaves (of other people's plants) to begin her own plants from cuttings, transplanting wild things to better locations, or sowing wildflower seeds in bare ditches just because.

Hence, I see a possible freebie plant in the shape of a giant mango seed, and am instantly overcome with the urge to make. it. grow!

And it is growing!

Almost time for potting soil, methinks...


  1. What a strange looking plant! Kudos to you for recognizing its potential. Also, someone like your mother is probably the reason I have a ditch full of mint growing in front of my house.

  2. Haha! Probably true, Dawn! :D

  3. (Muahaha! My plot for world domination has begun, one mango seed and windowsill at a time...)