Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Mustache Us to Lighten Up

I actively try to take myself less seriously. Life is more fun that way.

One day in particular—the day I set up my official Lannis Facebook page—I was desperate to burn off the realities of branding, the stress of playing grown up, the sourness created when a spotlight interferes with inherent humility, the antsy-ness created by risk and hoping people want to hear what I have to say, nervous energy.

Anyhow. I realized we had a whole board of sticky mustaches leftover from the photo booth at Princess' wedding (back from this post), and my impulse control was pretty low.

(It's non-existent on a good day. I'm not kidding anyone, and I know that.)

But how can you resist this?

So I kinda sorta made the kids (including my after school care charges) wear them. Until their mother came and picked them up.


And no, no real reason except that these mustaches were on the counter and needed a home. Preferably on people's faces, at least for a little while.

And I needed a laugh.

When you're a grown up you can make kids do all kinds of silly stuff and guess what? They go along with it!

Also? They think you're the "cool" grownup. Heh. (Oh, if they had any idea...)

It's fabulous.

And so are we.

[Note: This is the day L, my 6 year old, wiped out at school—hence the road rash on his face. To quote him, "a tree jumped in front of [him]," so that's the message the school receptionist left on our answering machine. I might never delete it.]


  1. Those school receptionists are the most awesome of all folks.

  2. They totally are. Unsung heroes, for sure!