Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The fridge is clean!

Here’s a blatantly voyeuristic post about my fridge.

Yep. Once upon a time we’d occasionally empty our fridges for public consumption at The Mrs blog, and I’ve decided it’s easy post fodder a good idea to revisit.

So here it is, my fridge, jam packed and disgusting sorely in need of help:

Why, yes, those are feather boas in a bag on top of our fridge. Where do you keep your boas?
And here’s all the stuff that was jammed into it, now scattered on the table:

Yes, that is one lonely potato.
Here’s our dairy section, simply because it was a highlight the last time I did this, so I’m highlighting it again. Please note we haven’t been to Costco lately, so our wall of stock of yogurt is running low:

Those cartons? Egg whites. Yes. Mr Lannis goes through a lot of egg whites.
And because it’s a bizarre concept for some Americans to grasp, a closer look at our (yes!) bagged milk...

Yep. Milk. In a bag. BEHOLD!

Admit it Americans... you find it fascinating! How it doesn't spill out everywhere is a Canadian secret (sorry).
 And lastly, the fridge... behold the cleanliness!

Erm. Yes, it looks rather similar to the original pic... and I swear my fridge is straight, in real life...

The best part? I found a lost jar of Voisin’s maple butter... JOY!


  1. But but but... maple butter is AH-MAZING!!!!!

    ( I can not vouch for the onions)