Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Blackmail Archives: Casanova In Action

[Note: This post was originally published on The Mrs on January 7, 2012.]

Mr Lannis and I have been blessed with family members who help out when it comes to babysitting and giving us a night off. Grandparents, friends, we’ve been lucky in the free-childcare department.

We’ve somehow managed to make it a whole year and a half in our new town before we’ve needed to pay our local-responsible-teen to come over.

(This also speaks of how rarely we actually get out of the house as adults, but let’s not focus on that, shall we?)

Over the holidays, Mr Lannis kind of snapped — extra overtime when you’d expected glorious relaxation will do that to you. So on December 30th 2011 Mr Lannis and I got a babysitter and went on a date!


I know, right?

Anyhow, the point of this post is to regale you all of the progress of our little Casanova, because... well... let’s just say it was share-worthy.

3:30pm - waiting for Miss E, the babysitter and our neighbour from across the street:

 4.5 year old [practically vibrating with excitement]: When is Miss E gonna be here?

Me: In thirty minutes.

4.5 year old: When the big hand gets to the twelve?

Me: Exactly.

4.5 year old [fist pump]: YES!

[In retrospect, we should have realized this implication.]

10pm - on the drive home from our dinner and movie (the new Sherlock Holmes, if you’re interested. Not bad, but I have issues with the fact that Holmes has been recast as an action figure...)

Me: I wonder if our 4.5 year old told Miss E that she was beautiful?

Mr Lannis: He doesn’t really make the moves on girls, you know.

Me: You didn’t see him chatting up the Toys R Us cashier yesterday...

Later, at home:

Miss E: The 4.5 year old didn’t stop talking all night.

Me [deadpan look]: I have *no idea* where he gets that. Did he by any chance tell you that you’re
beautiful, or something about you is beautiful? Your hair, your sweater?

Miss E [laughing]: Yes! When we came in from outside and I took off my glasses because they were fogging up. He asked where they were, then checked them out on the table and told me they were beautiful!

Mr Lannis [to me]: Holy shit, you really called that!

Miss E: He also told me that I was his girlfriend. And when I sent the boys upstairs to get dressed, he came down without any pants on.

Mr Lannis: ... O_o

Me: Well, clearly he’s still working on his finesse...

I think we’ve found a new subject for serial posts...

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