Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Okay, so... this popped up in my Facebook newsfeed on Sunday and blew the feeble light bulb in my brain (which I just spelled brian three times... ::facepalm::).

I have been busy. Not real busy—and I abhor the current glorification of busy in our culture—but busy with projects.

I am painting the main living space of our house.

I am refinishing a 10+ piece dining set (depends on how you count the leaf) for our kitchen.

I am working on the health of our lawn, and basically keeping the house from dissolving into the grime that is apparently trying to lull us into complacency by its slow accumulation.

I am (apparently) searching for a lost cat (okay, truly? Two words: coyote fodder).

I have new daycare charges and I'm doing everything that the usual housekeeping involves (groceries, laundry, appointments, banking, baking, all items large and sundry that our small administration requires).

The "catching up" on spring cleaning (shush) is happening at such a leisurely pace that it's really just not. (Shut up: NEW BOOBS. If that's not a valid excuse I'll only have one year to milk ::snort::, well, I'm not sure what qualifies.)

My current goals of painting the living room, kitchen, and staircase, and refinishing the furniture set have a self-imposed deadline of Christmas. (I'd like them done by then. I don't expect them to be done.)

And back to the busy for a second... Yes, I have stuff I am working on. Happily none of it important enough that I don't have a handful of days to help a friend move, paint, and settle into her new place.

See, I'm busy, but with a lovely fluid flexibility that means I can do what I want to fill my days, providing I'm constantly moving.

It's wonderful.

And you know what I'm not doing?

Erm, well, blogging, for one—which is why this post exists as a weird apology-yet-not-really—and I'm not exactly writing in the non-bloggity sense, either, which isn't all that great...

(But that's okay. Shh.)

No, I'm not thinking.

It's blissful.

After two years of go go go worry go go over analyze go go get it done not enough time in the day keep going don't stop breathe breathe frustration heal breathe heal go go go don't lift goddamn go go go breathe hoop jump hoop jump heal heal heal don't lift dammit but there's stuff to do go go go catch up now go go go it all must happen at once get it dooooooonnnnne...!

After all that, I can do what I want and not think about anything in particular as I work my way through a task.

Again: bliss.

So yes, I feel I'm not on the blogging ball as much as I'd like to be of late, and I'll get back to my full spastic form, I'm sure (and I'm not even sure anyone but myself has noticed my step back at this point—such is the way of scheduled posts, the well of which shall begin to run dry, and this post is possibly a preemptive apology that is not even necessary... I smell a wager...).

Right now, though, right now? I'm enjoying just doing without restrictions for doing's sake.



  1. Totally justified! I'm willing to bet this is an unnecessary apology though. Betcha you manage to scrape together some more posts before the well runs dry.

  2. The wheels are BARELY on the bus here too. I did wear two matching socks today to work which is a bit of a miracle.