Monday, September 23, 2013


Under the label Weird Shit I Do Because I Can, please allow me to introduce item number 658,302,992...

I bought teeth on eBay.


Resin teeth.

Specifically, 1 Box New Dental Super stiff many Colors Synthetic Resin Teeth...

Super stiff teeth... ::snort::

(Oh, how I love China.)

I'd have photos, but well, I'd have to drag them off the listing and ask permission of the seller, and frankly, thanks to language barriers and the muddle of translation I'm not entirely sure they'll understand why I'm asking, even if I go to the trouble of explaining that it's for a blog post, so this is (yet another of late) pic-less post.

(Photo-less posts. It's an epidemic, what can I tell you? Also: old camera isn't compatible with new laptop. High class problem, I know.)


I'm so excited for my new teeth! Except that since they're coming from China, I won't actually get to play with my new teeth until sometime mid-to-end October. Meh.

I can't wait, because TEETH!

It occurs to me that this post could also go under the label Reasons Lannis Shouldn't Be Allowed Internet Access...

This is exactly the kind of screwed up shit that I enjoy dropping into random conversations with the neighbours... cross your fingers I see someone today... ::gigglesnort::

By the way, anyone know the best way to adhere these bad boys? Thinking some sort of superglue, but have yet to narrow it down... heh.

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