Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weathering the Weather

This is actually happening outside my house. Right. Now.

The darkness of the photo? Oh, that's because it's 10:30am in March. And it's snowing.

Yes. Big fat flakes, hence the drab cloudy sky.

Big. Fat. Flakes.

Weather that naturally lends you to think construction! Am I right?

They were shoveling snow out of those windows the other day...

Now I'm not complaining about the fact that there's construction quite literally on my doorstep... How could I, when it's allowed me views like this?:

Yes, I objectify men. At least I'm honest about it.

The above photo was back in our unseasonably warm October. And October, to me, falls (heh) naturally within the realm of assumed construction timelines.

That big crane-like thing has a hose. It pours concrete. CONCRETE. In snowy weather.

But this? Seriously? Something-something-maybe-Canada's-not-great-for-four-season-construction?

I got nothin'...

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