Monday, March 18, 2013

Sundry Musings

March break... she is done. Yes, today the kidlets go back to school, and I get to enjoy a string of uninterrupted hours cleaning the house without distraction.

Which is fabulous, because I swear there's a correlation between consecutive days off school and the how rough the kidlets play... they beat the crappit out of each other, but when I tell them to stop they insist it's fun.
(I'm becoming more and more convinced that ovaries hold all common sense...)

Other than that, March break was... long. We did some running around, did some socializing, got some costuming done, discovered Hamster had to leave us...

Did you know it costs $50 to euthanize a hamster in this town?!

He had a tumor between his forepaws and the poor jerk (shut up, he was jerk. I explained it all here) was walking like he'd had a beach ball strapped to his chest, and had stopped eating and drinking.

But it's par for the course, really... hamsters live 2-3 years, and his second birthday was on March 10th. (Yes, we celebrated. Who doesn't mark the calendar for their hamster's birthday? Pfft... he totally appreciated his extra chews and the rendition of "Happy Birthday" disturbing his daily slumber sung mid-afternoon).

Sorry, dude. You had a good run for a rodent.
Believe it or not, you'll be missed. (Antisocial bastard.)

Anyhow. Agonized over the decision on that one, because (let's face it) it's a $13 hamster and a $50 vet bill. I'd be lying if I said Mr Lannis didn't consider quick and humane "creative alternatives." Unfortunately there wasn't a lot of time to ruminate on said alternatives, as he was clearly done... (this holds true for both Hamster and Mr Lannis...)

When it gets down to the nitty gritty, though, I'd rather neither one of them suffer...

In other news, my apologies, as on Friday I discovered the Disqus comment system I'd installed was holding out on me, and when I went to tinker with it so it wouldn't behave so inanely in the future, I accidentally dumped all the comment love my readers had left... (thank you, Disqus! But thank you more, people who actually read my dribble!)

To recap: Disqus is the douchebag responsible, I just work here.

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