Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Secrets of Pinterest

I'm going to share a secret, ready?

I have no idea where people come from on Pinterest.

Seriously. It's like they trickle out of nowhere and suddenly I have a flood of people following my boards. I'm on Pinterest, like, twice a week. Maybe. And usually just to pin PostSecret postcards, because I plan to use them as creative writing fodder.

See, the secret with PostSecret is that it changes every week—but if you pin the image on Pinterest, you get to see it weeks after it's been lost to the rest of the Interwebs. Nice, eh?

Anyhow. Overall I've been too busy lately to actually peruse the Pinterest marketplace or even just check out what the people I follow are pinning... it's been that busy around here.

But people keep following me... and I have posted some odd shit in the past (still do, to be honest). At one point I was pinning stuff from a Tumblr blog (it's since shut down) with a highly inappropriate name just to see if anyone noticed...

Stuff like this (I'll let industrious individuals go on the hunt for the site name if they choose... ha!):


Inappropriate site names or not (or more likely: unobservant people, ha!) I only gained more followers.

(Well, I can hardly blame them. Tie + light saber + kissable lips does equal win...)

These followers have taught me something, though. I haven't censored myself on my Pinterest boards. I've been as weird as I want to be; my boards are as obnoxious or as idiosyncratic as I choose...

Something something be yourself... ? (Nah, that's not quite right...)

Something something the energy you put out into the world returns...? (Hm... closer...)

Something something like attracts like...? (Yeah, that sounds more fitting.)

It's rather reassuring to know there's a lot of weirdos out there... heh.


  1. I know what Post Secrets is but not Pinintrest...will look it up, sounds effective!

  2. ACK! Kelly, it's a wonderful black hole of time suckage! Tread carefully!