Friday, October 11, 2013

Lego Steampunk: Boogernaughts

Want to know what I learned this morning? The super cool new Steampunk Lego is unavailable in Canada.


I'll let you take a moment to read that again and mourn with me.

To be more specific, the Master Builder Academy designs that are carried in the US online Lego Shop aren't carried in the Canadian sister shop.

So that means I need to spin things so that this is not on the kidlets' Christmas wish list.

Which is unfortunate, because Miss Emilie Bush's awesome books have somehow resurfaced from the quagmire that is our kids' bookshelf, handily reminding the kidlets of the ├╝ber-cool existence of all things Steampunk. (It's shocking they forgot, really.)

Specifically Steamduck himself, natch.

And thankfully we've got the old school Lego Technic pieces from my youth, so the boys definitely have gears enough to keep themselves busy, but... it's not the same.

What the hell, Lego?! I mean, I can understand why you might not ship to say, Angola, what with it being an undeveloped country and all, but why not Canada?

Boogernuggets to you, Lego! Boogernuggets, I say!


Or boogernaughts, I suppose, if we're talking Steampunk... heh.


  1. So apparently there are people who specialize in reshipping. Stuff gets bought and sent to them, and then they ship it on to you. Or if you know someone in the U.S. you can get them to do that. Or of course you could scour ebay shops. It's not utterly hopeless.

  2. :::waves hand furiously::: willing accomplice!!!

  3. Yeah, I know... I'm 99% sure we can handle this until they *are* released in Canada...

  4. Haha! Thanks, Tina! I'll keep you posted if things get critical. :)