Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Hallowe'en Riddle

Know what this is?

Yep, it's an almost-but-not-quite-perfect implementation of this pin.

Almost-but-not-quite-perfect, but not train wreck enough to qualify for the nailed it Pinterest meme.

Boo. (Boo... Hallowe'en... heh.)

But the boys like it.

Okay, so... any guesses?

Despite the Sharpie scrawled faces, this is the Lazy Mom's contribution to the classroom Hallowe'en party.

My kids are fixated on the healthy food propaganda going around--and that's a good thing--so they were thrilled when I suggested I buy clementines and draw Jack-o-lantern faces on them instead of bake cupcakes for the class shindig.

Yes, my kids would rather mini oranges than cake.

I'm on the fence as to whether they're actually mine--Mr Lannis' for sure, as he's a health nut, but there's never a day I'll take fruit over cake... fruit AND cake, and (perhaps) we're playing ball...

But the answer to the riddle? Those're bags of laziness. Which is fine by me.

With all the other stuff I'm up to these days, taking a moment to scrawl triangle faces on clementines is less time than that needed to bake and decorate cupcakes...

And besides, it's Hallowe'en. There's going to be enough sugar floating around tonight that my hips I don't need leftover cupcakes kicking around... heh.

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