Monday, August 12, 2013

Saying goodbye to sanitarium white...

After living in this house for three years, I've finally committed to painting the main living space.

Yes. The front entrance, the toy area, the living room, the kitchen, the stairwell, and the upstairs hall are all about to get a facelift.

Everything but the kitchen (which receives less natural light) will be a soft sophisticated grey.

Since it's such a large area, it'll be slow going.

Mind-numbingly slow.

We'll have to rent scaffolding (or haul out Mr Lannis' jimmy-rigged platform from this post) to paint the stairwell, but it'll be done.

And gone will be the sanitarium white walls.

Gone will be the kidlet fingerprints and smudges that a good scrub refuses to remove.

Gone will be the swirls of grey where I've attempted to remove said kidlet smudges only to reveal drywall underneath a barely-there coat of paint.

And (hopefully) this place will feel more like a home.

This past long weekend in August, it began... the upstairs hallway? DONE!

Give me a week or two (and a pair of boys back in school), and I'll be tackling the front entrance next... muahaha!

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