Monday, August 19, 2013


Here at Chez Lannis, I control the administrative reins. As the one who stays at home, part of my daily whatnot is household management—including paying bills, filling cupboards, managing money, etc.

Yes, I am the one who decides whether we replace our hot water tank (or what have you), because I'm the one who has the best idea what we use and what type of appliance we require to meet our needs.

Unless you're a telemarketer, in which case (::clears throat::), "Sorry, I don't have clearance to make administrative decisions. And no, you can't speak to Mr Lannis, because we are a shift working household, which means if he's not at work, he's asleep. And if you wake him up with a ringing phone you'll never make your sale/promote that special offer/get us on board with whatever you're selling because he's a holy terror..."

(She says, invoking a mystique of fear about one of the mildest men she knows... ha!)

But yeah. Banking, utilities, email addresses, points programs, online shopping, any financial or social accounts we have, and I have their log in information on a sticky note in on the laptop, written in code that only I can decipher.

As in: Mr Lannis is shit out of luck if he tries.

Okay, that's not true—he could probably decipher it. Maybe.

Okay, maybe I've walked him through it a time or two, but the reality is when faced with the code @.Y, he'll truly have no idea what to put in a password field, nor will he know what requires upper case letters, whether that @ symbol is actually involved in the password, or remember what that @ was supposed to indicate at all...

Yeah. He's shit out of luck. I guess he'd better keep me around (heh).

I, on the other hand, am also out of luck.

Or I was, until I had the smarty pants idea to copy and paste the contents of that sticky note into an email and send it to myself—mostly because I'm paranoid our creeping-up-to-five-years-old-MacBook is about to junk it on us any minute...

So I'll still know how to access all our accounts.

Um. Unless I forget how to access my email by their actual log ins, instead of through the desktop POP Mail... hm...


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