Friday, July 26, 2013

The Tooth Pocket (or: Setting Precedents)

We have a tooth pocket. I found the idea on Pinterest (thank everything holy and magical in childhood).

It's not fancy, but it serves an important purpose.

Yes, it's where the boys (or boy, as we've only had one lose teeth so far) put their teeth for safekeeping next to their bed so the Tooth Fairy can swap it for a toonie (translation $2), but I'm speaking about its indirect purpose...

Specifically that this teeny pocket I scrambled to zip together on the sewing machine out of felt (applique included) serves a far greater purpose than simply holding teeth.

It saves my sanity.

Yes, it keeps me from digging underneath boys' pillows while they're sleeping, searching for a chunk of nasty white pebble beneath their light-sleeper heads.

By using this tooth pocket the first time one kid lost a tooth, we set a precedent—one that thrills me—teeth go in the pocket, not under the pillow(!).

What were my parents thinking?! Hunting under pillows in dark rooms... pfft... there's no way my silhouette can be mistaken for a fairy's... ::snort::

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