Friday, July 19, 2013

When all else fails...

We're having a heatwave here in Ontario. Usually the stupid-hot-melt-your-eyeballs temps don't show up until August. And then only for three weeks, and then they're gone.

That's 93F, feeling like 109F, Imperialist friends. Today (9:30am) it's 29c/85F feeling like 38c/101F. And we live in igloos... housing crisis, ahoy.
Personally, I'm good with hot. Heat alerts and pudding-thick air give me an auto-out for my walks—can't fault me for sitting in a chair and melting when that's all anyone can physically do, right?

What kills me are the kids and the pets. I'm not sure who's worse: the kids whose defaults seem to be set to bicker and are underfoot inside the house (in the heavenly AC) or the pets (Moghedien specifically) who expects to continue her usual eat-range-hunt routine in mind-numbing heat outside.

The kids and I have a tentative agreement: a small amount of time outside in the morning (usually spent colouring in the shade), and something water-related whenever possible... local activities (pool, splash pad, or beach—depending on how much time we have in our day), or backyard activities (sprinkler, slip and slide, sponge ball water fight).

The cat however, I have taken to bribing to remain indoors until evenings.

With catnip.

If she wasn't a junkie before, well...

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