Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Schoolwork Roundup

The school year is over. Do you know what that means?

Okay, yes, it means that my kidlets are underfoot for the summer...

But it also means I've a stack of their schoolwork, because they've brought it home.

Sure, some, much, a lot of it is going to get recycled. But before that happens, I do a couple of things.

First, I go through it. We've framed some of the nicer pieces of their artwork on their bedroom walls, and they're overjoy that their creations look like "real" art.

Nothing special, simply repurposed some old frames we had kicking around. I spray painted them flat black so they were uniform in finish if not in size and style, and in when the paintings/artwork and up onto the walls they all went. Everything looks better in a proper frame, and I think it's good for the boys' confidence—they feel important when their creations are treated with importance.

Anyhow. The next thing I do is I photograph (or scan, if I'm feeling particularly productive and am willing to lug the scanner out of the closet) the favourite stuff.

Here's a classic example of why I photograph it (aside from simply being a digital packrat). This lovely alpaca was made by my kindergartener... with real alpaca wool (erm, or whatever you call it), thanks to one of the kindergarten teachers with, uh, alpaca connections.

Wonderful, right? But I'm not actually going to keep this forever and ever. It lived on the bulletin board in the toy room for almost a year, and now has permission to leave.

Goodbye, Alpaca!

Note: I never get tired of listening to a 5 year old pronounce alpaca... sounds like aw-pall-ka. Excellent...

And last on the list of "what I do with their work", well, I mock, erm, I mean enjoy it.

Which is why I'm sharing a select bit of the crop. Some from last year, and a classic to reshare. All fun.

The classic. Does it really say asshole? Because an asshole would certainly keep picking his nose, yes. Either way, he earned a checkmark. Heh.

No kidding! Clearly dicking around. Not cool. But at least he's honest?
Yes. The first thing I think of are my shiny new eye sockets, too.

How teachers manage to keep a straight face, I'll never know...

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