Friday, March 7, 2014

Google Salad

Okay guys, it's that time again: time to go through the accumulating list of keyword searches that have drawn people to this here blog, for no other reason than to let it accumulate again so we can, um, do so again in a few months' time.

Yeah. So... that was awkward.

Aw, c'mon, I'm not the only one fascinated by the way people discover this here corner of the Interwebs and I know it. So there.

Onward. Today's edition of Google Salad is brought to you by—yes, yet again—Kijiji trolls. Because apparently they love my blog (and will continue to do so the more I throw those terms around because that's the way the interwebs and Google work. Shh).

kijiji ad troll
trolling on kijiji
trolls for sale kijiji

kijiji trolling
troll kijiji emails
kijiji trolling bots
best text trolls kijiji 

All of the above, see here, here, and here. You're welcome.

Up next for frequency is corseting in various forms. Exciting, right?

corset tutorial

Hey! I've got one of those.

corset boning diagram
using cable ties for corset boning
sarah sanderson corset

Kay. You lost me on the last one, but that's all right—the wisest person understands they don't know everything, right? Right. Sure, we'll stick with that.

deer meat tourtiere
tourtiere made with venison

Aaaand those are totally the same thing. You're also welcome.

a sprouting mango seed

Been there done that.

forcing a corn plant to flower

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make the cat pee on it. Or something.

monster jeans

Ah, the kids used to love these. Now they're too sophisticated (say the boys who make fart noises with the backs of their bare knees).


Oh, she's around here somewhere.

mcguire is jordancon

She was there last year (damn that girl can sing!), but I'd hesitate to say she is JordanCon. (Though I'll pass along the compliment if I get the chance.)

5 kilo bucket nutella


nutella gallon costco


pictures of window wells for basement, and stair wells

Um. Nope, none of those. Sorry.

concrete in snowing

Ah, posted pics of something like that once. And half naked construction guys. Because I could.

brother 2340cv canada

Er. Canada. Yes. The rest? Uh... I have stepbrothers, does that count? Brothers are brothers, am I right?

"dragging them down" "can't be good"

Boobs. Why does this make me think boobs? Guessing what you're looking for is over here.

romance lannis dragon age

Not a combo I've seen before, but I'll pass that suggestion on to Mr Lannis.

mask chicken


mofos childrend

What the...?

mr chow memes

Okay, now you're just screwing with me, Google. That garnered traffic?! Pfft...

googlesalad tutorials

Well you see, you check your blog stats under traffic sources, and well, I keep a separate sticky on the desktop and just cut and paste... um... never mind... something tells me you'll have more success on Pinterest.


  1. How could "zombie tits" not make the list??

  2. Haha! That's because it's already been featured over here...