Monday, March 31, 2014

Prissy Kitty

Minette, our oldest child pet is a finicky girl. Very uptight, as cats go. Prissy (she'd prefer the word dainty).

Very rarely do I find her truly relaxing... she used to be appalled at the boorish behaviour of our big monster of a tom, Shakespeare, what with his sprawling limbs and lack of circling before flopping on the floor... utterly uncivilized.

She prefers to sit straight, tail curled neatly about her feet, to stare daggers in your direction.

She's charming, I swear.

For napping positions, Minette's usually good for the generic cat loaf, or the balled up squirrel-curl when she's certain no kidlets are in the immediate vicinity, but rarely do I see hear this:

This, my friends, is a snoring cat.

I really should have taken video. It's adorably whistly and unbecoming. Heh.

She'd hate it.

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