Monday, February 3, 2014


Crisp winter days are great.

No, really—they're not so bad as long as you don't need to go outside (aye, there's the rub).

Nice, sunny, vibrant, sear-your-retinas days of blue skies coupled with frigid cold...?

(We're talking -35c/-31F after wind chill factor C.O.L.D.)

Okay, not the greatest, but pretty darn good from a curl-up-in-a-patch-of-sunshine-with-the-cat-and-soak-up-vitamin-D perspective.

(Yo, seasonal affective disorder: We are kicking your ass this year. So there.)

Anyhow. And on these days, when I glance out our kitchen window, I can't help but sense melancholy emanating from my clothesline...

See? That's one sad clothesline.

Dude, I miss you, too. And not just because of the hydro bill, trust.

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