Friday, February 21, 2014

Olympic Sights

It's no secret: I'm not a sports fan.

I'm not even one of those girls who likes playing sports over watching sports—I'm more of an, erm, indoor girl.

(If there was an award for reading, I'd be a contender. I'm no sprinter, but what I lack in speed I make up for in endurance—I can park it and read for hours in a marathon session that'll leave my eyes blurry from fatigue far before my brain is down for the count.)

I'm not anti-sports, I suppose you'd say I'm unenthusiastic is all. Disinterested.

Unless, of course, it's the Olympics.

Yes, I watched Canada's women win the gold medal for hockey yesterday.

As in: I. Watched. A. Hockey. Game.

All right, maybe it was just a little bit—I caught the last hour or so, and damn, it was good.

And I've been getting weepy all week watching athletes from all over the world performing gestures large and small in memory of Sarah Burke. Truly. Tears—yesterday a halfpipe skier from France touched her helmet where a Sarah Burke sticker would have resided and I was choking back tears in public.

(Sarah's from my hometown. We went to the same school. She was in my sister's class growing up. She was a blonde bundle of smiles perpetually ducking out of school for skiing competitions, and her story is tragic.)


Today, after having been at the top of the medal standings list and then dropping for a few days, imagine my pride at seeing that we've managed to climb our way back up to the second on the list.

Go, Canada, go!


  1. I am equally unenthusiastic about sports, but the Olympics invoke national pride, and as Canadians we are all about national pride. I gladly watched our men's curling team win gold while at the mechanic's today, despite having a good book in my hands. Well, I actually read and watched curling at the same time (skillz yo!) but still, it feels good to see our country emerge victorious in a worldwide competition, right? I will apologize for things that aren't even my fault, but I won't apologize for Canada being awesome. =D