Friday, February 14, 2014

Married Romance: WoT?!

I've stated before that Mr Lannis gets a pass in the romance department. Basically he runs by the rule that bringing home chocolate is never a bad thing.

He's smart.

Well, it's taken a while, but it's occurred to me that he's managed a great, giant, enormous feat of married romance... like, over the course of our marriage—past, present, future—I don't know if he could repeat the feat.

Okay, he could technically repeat the act itself precisely, but perhaps not repeat the scope of said feat.

He read The Wheel of Time.

The entire series.

Took him eight years, but he plowed his way through all fourteen books.

11,582 pages (if you're counting by mass market paperback).

(No, he didn't read New Spring, but after it took him eight years to slog through what was arguably not his cup of tea, you can't exactly blame me for not ponying up the prequel, now can you?)

Why did he do it? Why read all those bricks books? 

Because I love them so.

Not sure how he got that impression... maybe because the hardcovers line our shelves? Maybe since 2014 is going on four years attendance at JordanCon? Or maybe because the first birthday present I ever got him—waaaaay back when we were dating and had only known each other two weeks—was a paperback copy of The Eye of the World...?

Or, you know, it could be because I'm just a self-proclaimed WoT-freak.

He may have noticed that—maybe a smidge.

Whatever the reason, I didn't realize the scope of his romantic gesture until he'd finished A Memory of Light, the very last book in the series.

When he closed that book, replaced it on the shelf, turned me to and said, "Meh. It was good, but I wouldn't reread it. I still don't know what you see in it," then I knew.

This is married romance.


Happy Valentine's Day, Mr Lannis. Happy Valentine's Day.

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  1. That's exactly it! When they tag along for the ride just because it would make you happy. That's how I got Chris to start watching Supernatural, and now he's almost as much of a fan as I am. :D