Saturday, April 20, 2013

Time flies...

Today marks two months of this here blog.

Two months.

And as this post was scheduled ahead of time—it's JordanCon weekend, after all, and I'm not home. (In truth I'm possibly drunk, costumed, speaking publicly, or all of the above... good times. Heh.)

In the last two months this little blog has received over 3400 page views, and hits from 30 countries.

Holy stuff, Batman!

Pretty unbelievable for broken-filter-brain-diarrhea, right? I'm still in shock that anyone is reading the garbage that leaks out of my head... though I suppose there's no proof anyone's read it... just proof they've landed here...


 I can only conclude that there are a LOT of people lost in the Interwebs...

(I'm humbled, you guys. Seriously. Thanks.)


  1. EricisnotagiantsquidApril 23, 2013 at 11:42 PM

    Hey, I just stumbled here because I realized I hadn't opened Twitter in like six months and there you were stumbling about. At JordanCon. Saw the flickr pics. I discovered your partner at The Mrs. totally up and quit. What the WHAT?

    For what it's worth, I've got you tagged with the ctrl-D (there's a term...) and I'll probably visit every few months. My interneting is kinda like my TV show watching. I watch the ENTIRE season in three days. Then I wait until the next season shows up on Netflix. My DVR thinks I collect shows like Howard Hughes with his fingernails...

  2. ERIC! OMG, ERICISNOTAGIANTSQUID! How ARE you, dude?! So glad your wanderings led you to my corner of the Interwebs!

    Yeah, Sandi had a lot on her plate, and she felt awful, but it was time to put The Mrs to rest. I'm sorry to see her go, but they've got three kids and two small businesses in that house--ze blog was clearly the necessary sacrifice. No ill will, I get it (actually I thought she was crazy for kicking around as long as she had... ha!).

    And yeah, "stumbling about JordanCon" is right... LibertyCon's room party was serving Sonic Screwdrivers and they were VERY tasty...