Friday, April 26, 2013

Small Space Solutions

This post began because of the paint job.

(And I'm apologizing in advance for the crappy pictures from my cell phone, but the really-truly camera takes horrid photos in a small space like our laundry room...)

See? Green, I swear.
After recently giving the tired walls a fresh coat, I realized that the extension wand of my central vac's powerhead was going to mark up the new paint. Not cool.

(Yes, I know the stupid vacuum terminology. Shh, you. I'm a stay at home mom, I might as well become acquainted with my tools. Yes, I realize there's a vibrator joke in there. You're welcome.)

Anyhow, I had a brainwave... shove a sock on it! (Again with the vibrator jokes—hush, peanut gallery!)

Lonely sock now has new purpose. All is right with the universe.

 Then I started consciously looking at our tiny laundry room to get a better sense of what we do to maximize the space we have, and decided to share some of our tricks. Of course we have the cupboards and shelves which can be seen in the before and after images of the paint job post, but there's more, too.

So I opened up Picasa and pretended to be a savvy blogger... you know, instead of one who vomits idiocy onto the screen. (Let's pretend for a day, at least...)

Handy for when you need 'em...

My Mom did this with the side of an unused crib years before Pinterest ever existed. Just sayin'.
Another Pinterest find.
That's it folks. Except for this:

Gratuitous cat shot.

Only cat I know who enjoys hanging out in the laundry room sink.

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