Thursday, April 24, 2014

Weird shit said to me this morning by kids...

There are kids here in the morning. This morning it's mine plus three. Occasionally they say odd things--earnest, adorable, yet easily misinterpreted things. Today is one of those days.

Things said to me this morning:

"Leslie, your hair looks nice today. Frizzy like a doll's." [I was going for Muppet hair, but that'll do.]

"Your eyebrows do weird things when you're making sandwiches." [Excellent.]

"Your outfit looks fabulous today." [Same yoga pants and hoodie that is the stay at home mom's uniform.]

"You talk to yourself when you're making the boys' lunches. What are you saying? Or is it not for kids?" [Definitely not for kids. Not even a little bit.]

"I like the way you roll your eyes. The back of them look nice." [Now you know how I snagged Mr Lannis...]


  1. BAHAHAHAHA!!! Please continue to share. I love the things kids say when they think they're being 'grown up'.

  2. Omg the fantasticness!

  3. Just imagine what my work day is like in a school of 2600 of the 'monsters' C:

  4. I can only imagine... oy... ::headdesk::

  5. Exactly. They never fail to entertain, that's for sure.