Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Costuming season: It never really ends.

Know what this is?

Look at this glorious haul! LOOK AT IT!

Any ideas? Anyone? Bueller?

This is a pile of thrift store fabric finds. For JordanCon 2015's costume.


Yes, I've already decided.

Yes, I've already been out hunting.

Yes, there's a plan.

And yes, I'm obsessed giddy already.

An inventory of what is folded not-so-neatly top to bottom:

- one random piece of material, soft but with a burlap-like appearance
- tri-coloured suede skirt
- one faux suede cream drapery panel (yeah, I'm that dick who bought one and not the other... heh.)
- two matching pieces: a suede button down shirt and knee-length skirt, complete with shoulder pads.
- one king flat sheet

That pile of fabric not only proves I've rescued some woman out there from wearing a puke-brown suede power suit, it also represents a cumulative cost of $34 and the very beginning of the insanity busy work for next year's JordanCon.

It's a hobby that sparks my imagination, and this time around I plan on working farther out of my comfort zone than in the past.

My most proud purchase—aside from the $8 tri-colour suede skirt that I'll be hacking up for repurposing because new suede is fucking expense, yo!—would be the cream-textured king size sheet.

Textured, king sized sheet, and in the exact colour I was searching for, at the first place I looked (Goodwill for the win!).

I can't even conceive of how much breathable, lovely textured cotton in such bulk would cost at the fabric store... actually, for a decently weighed cotton it's a mini heart attack, and it certainly wouldn't exist in such glorious width for whatever purpose I declare.

This is why I hit thrift stores first.

Now everyone can start guessing, because this certainly isn't enough to reveal the surprise, nor will everything be remaining the colours you see...

And if you're already privy to the secret, shhh... keep your traps shut!



  1. That is one exciting pile!! I love shopping at thrift stores for things to repurpose. I can think of many things those could be for, but I will patiently wait to find out.

  2. Squeee! Exciting times. (You are so bl00dy organised...)