Friday, January 17, 2014


I can't take credit for my latest foray into randomosity—a friend of mine (hi, Meg!) posted a pic on FB of her colourful egg-raffiti, and I immediately thought of Mr Lannis rolling his eyes the possibilities.

What better way to remind Mr Lannis I love him than to deface his prized eggs?


Okay, yeah, there're probably loads of more socially acceptable better ways, but I'm not a joiner, so whatevs.

And yes, I say his eggs because he's pretty much the only one in the household who eats them on a regular basis. Yes (now that Christmas baking season is over), that 2.5 dozen is all for him.


Now to see how long it takes him to discover the horror... shh...

UPDATE: This morning (January 22nd) there was a note saying he liked the scared eggs--so that's what... five days? Six, I think, from when I actually planted the Sharpied wonders, since it took a day or so for this post to go live. And if it weren't for the six or eight eggs in another carton that he had to use up first, I'd say we could extrapolate how long it takes Mr Lannis to go through eggs... as it stands we can only estimate, and it looks like six days equals approximately 2 dozen eggs. Oy... no wonder they're scared... ha!

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