Monday, January 27, 2014

Orange is the new nobody.

It's January. In January I do January things. This means I sort and purge.

Okay, that's a lie—that's not just a January thing around the Lannis house. That's an ongoing process that repeats itself as necessary (which is code for either too often or not often enough, depending on the task).

Since Santa brought the kidlets enough new markers and crayons to outfit an army of boys, I decided to go through the colouring supply bin and remove any defunct items.

We're currently in the process of upgrading to pencil crayons, so I gathered all the wax crayons together in a pile, discarding all the broken bits and leftover junk and compiling the rest for traveling purposes (when you travel with as many kids as I do, a bag of crayons in the van definitely falls under emergency preparedness—just saying).

Want to know what I discovered? (Of course you do!)

Apparently orange gets no love. The clear majority of untouched-almost-new-crayons in our bin were orange (and many of its relatives on the colour wheel).

So there you go.

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