Friday, March 20, 2015

March Breakery

The marble run has been this week's hit for creative play.
Today is the Friday of the March Break here chez Lannis.

It's been a busy one, but less frazzled than in the past. We haven't done anything huge. We scheduled no special outings. We focused on enjoying sunshine, and family, and creativity.

It's not that I don't want to take my kids anywhere. They're well behaved, I have no doubt they'd be on their best behaviour. I'm simply not interested in dealing with the madness of March Break crowds, and since we're lucky enough to have our extended school calendar it means we have a second spring break in May where I can take advantage of all other schools being in session and hit the road with my crew for some kids' fun without the frenzy of overcrowded, over-caffeinated, overstimulated, overboard action.

(I think this May we'll hit up Toronto's Science Centre... jury's still out, though.)

Instead, over this March break, I've worked three days (which means the boys had built in play dates for those days), as well as:

- Celebrated Pi Day (the boys' new favourite holiday, even though I lazied out with a butterscotch pudding pie.
- Celebrated Papa's birthday by having him and Gramma Boo over for lunch.
- Had two Mathathons.
- Went to Costco (exciting, eh?).
- Roasted a turkey with all the fixings for dinner one night (who says stuffing needs to wait for the holidays?).
- Hit up our local favourite secondhand bookstore.
- Bought Dollarstore crafts to keep us occupied.
- Played outside, specifically hauling the bikes out of storage (eeee!).
- Swapped some bins of toys from storage so they had something new less-familiar to play with.
- And costuming... I did costuming, of course... (JordanCon is less than a month away, and thankfully I'm right on schedule...)

That's one marble run that's taller than a particular nine-year-old.

Quiet days around the house: they're underrated.

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