Tuesday, March 3, 2015

JACOB TWO-TWO AND THE DINOSAUR by Mordecai Richler - Book Review

[This book has been read and reviewed by R, my oldest son, who is nine years old at the time of this publication.]

10/10 - Amazing! Everybody needs to read this book!

Title: Jacob Two-Two And The Dinosaur

Author: Mordecai Richler

Illustrator: Norman Eyolfson


Published: 1987

Genre: speculative fiction

Publisher:  Penguin Books Canada

Landed in my hands: purchased by mom

Summary (from cover blurb):

When his parents give him a cute little green lizard on his eighth birthday, Jacob Two-Two is thrilled. But as the days pass, Jacob realizes that Dippy, as he calls his pet, isn’t a lizard as all. And as the months pass, it’s obvious he’s not little, either.

As Dippy grows bigger... and bigger... and bigger, he begins to attract some very big attention—from the Certified Snobs’ Golf and Country Club, from Professor Wacko Kilowatt and, worst of all, from Prime Minister Perry Pleaser and his yes people. Before Jacob knows exactly why or how, he is on the run from the entire government of Canada with a full-grown dinosaur to hide. This is a hilarious, fast-paced sequel to the bestselling Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang.


This book was very well written and I couldn’t keep track of the time because of it—I kept reading past my bedtime because I couldn’t put it down or stop to check the clock.

It has wacky illustrations in a good way—really interesting to look at. There aren't too many pictures though, just enough.

I read the first book, Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang, and really liked that one, too, so I wanted to read this one. This book is good for everyone, no matter what age. I’m only nine, and I loved it. It’s definitely something other people would like, too.

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