Thursday, January 1, 2015

Yo, Wassup?

Another of Mr Lannis' finds... it feels like an Asian group attempted to create a music video in keeping with Western hip hop culture and... almost nailed it. Maybe.

When I went to track it down myself on YouTube, I found the writeup particularly endearing:
New 7 Hip Hop girls debut with first single album [Wa$$up]! Title song Wa$$up is exciting dance song based on club beats, funny lyrics, and comfortable melody line. Also Wa$$up added sexy dance on music and it is highly expected to be released. They practiced much time on Twerking and put it into choreography. It will be one of the greatest points to watch twerking in the MV. 
7 new ladies will show great and sexy performance with first album [Wa$$up]. So please be ready to welcome warmly!


  1. is it way too mean that I'm laughing at their teeny tiny bums????

  2. oh, and Bunny is dancing along.