Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another day, another patch...

It's at the point where the boys' older play jeans (read: jeans that have been previously patched) are being outgrown, or are raggy, or are developing even more holes in other places (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!).

And of course the boys are begging for me to patch their favourite pair just once. more. please...!

While flattering, I'm not patching a pair of play jeans 14 times. It's just ain't happenin'...

So I've decided to sacrifice the pockets of those dying jeans to patch other pairs. Yes, the favourite-must-have-super-comfortable-and-can't-live-without play jeans are getting one last go, but only because these pocket patches take a fraction of the time and planning of previous patches. And I needed a test subject, heh.

My nine-year-old appreciates these pocket patched jeans far more than the other patches I've used in the past. Apparently he's sophisticated. ::snort::

These patches definitely rank beginner for a difficulty rating. If you've got the jeans to spare, they're an efficient and easy patch to install.

Cut the pocket out of the sacrificial jeans, clipping close to the edges, and cutting the inside pocket denim out (no, this won't be a functional pocket on your knee, sorry). Iron everything nice and flat and pin the pocket patch in place. Straight stitch as closely to the outermost line of stitching on your pocket to hide your stitching. Then stitch along the second more inner line of stitching for more durability, and you're finished.

There's a skull hiding under the double patch, as the boy blew out the knee in another spot. There's a twisted rock-paper-scissors joke in there somewhere, too...

So... when do I get the prize for "woman who goes to enormous lengths to avoid buying her children new pants"...? Surely I've been nominated by now? Ha!

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