Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bunny Bites

Ever get a notion stuck in your head and it eats its way through your brain? Something that begins quite logically, but slowly morphs from reasoned to rabid?

Yeah. Right now I have that. About rabbits.

Er, well, one rabbit. A bunny.

Not a certain one in particular, just the notion of a bunny. An aesthetically pleasing bunny, to be sure, as I enjoy aesthetically pleasing pets (if I'm giving you free room, board, and healthcare, you'd damn well be pretty to look at in return).

I've never had a bunny. My life has been bunny-less. Bunnyland is unchartered territory.

It's not even that the kidlets are bugging for one. It's me. I would like a bunny, and even as the person of the household who would be saddled with 99.9% of said bunny's care, the idea still appeals.

Rationally I know it's likely not a great, good, sane idea with Minette around. She's a cat. A cat's cat—she allows us to coexist in her house, as we have opposable thumbs and thus can more easily access the cat food, and water that hasn't touched the toilet bowl. And before she made the executive decision to be an indoor cat, she was a damn fine huntress.

Of course, she hasn't killed anything larger than an insect in years. Hell, the day Hamster got out of his cage we found her sitting primly about two feet from him, regarding him calmly in the middle of the living room carpet. They both turned to blink at Mr Lannis and me when we entered the room, as if we'd interrupted some pet pow wow of unknown importance.

However, after speaking to a representative of our local Humane Society, it would seem the missing a-hole Moggie's disappearance is basically textbook behaviour of a young female run off by an older territorial female (Minette—prissy thing she is). And Minetters does tend to lose her shit, go berserk if there's another cat in our yard, hissing, spitting, and growling in a seizure-like frenzy.

She's eleven, and healthy head to toe. She clearly prefers a single cat household.

But I'd like to adopt a bunny.

I'm home a lot. It would be out of the cage much of the day and crated at night. I keep reminding myself that it would be best to wait until Minette's kicked it, has passed before we enter into another long term pet commitment, since anything before that would be a possibly conflicting pet scenario.

At this rate, Minette will likely survive us all, and if not, then she'll be our anecdote about a bizarre long-lived cat everyone seems to carry in their back pocket—you know what I mean... how your great aunt's friend had a 27 year old cat they assumed was immortal until it got smoked by a train.

Yes. Minette will be around for years.

But I'd like to adopt a bunny.

And apparently our Humane Society allows for month-long fostering to see if the bunny's a good fit for our family...

It's crept into my head, this idea of mine, and has slowly gained urgency for no apparent reason.

Kind of like the boys' need for Hamster. And our subsequent aquarium. Oh, and those weirdos that are the frogs.

So while I know rationally I need to wait for a rabbit, I've been bitten by the bunny bug...

Place your bets... I'm thinking by spring we'll have a bouncy new friend (shhh... don't Mr Lannis)...


  1. If you weren't set on a bunny, I'd suggest a guinea pig since they're such social creatures. Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing updates about your eventual new fuzzball.

  2. Doooo eeettt! I can't have a bunny due to other people in this house having pretty bad allergies to them.
    Also, keep in mind that bunnies (and guinea pigs) are social/pack animals and do best when they have at least one, same sex or fixed, pal. We had guinea pigs until last fall, and the care is similar, so I can point you to some good resources if you like.