Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The kidlets dumped their Lego bins on the weekend. All over the toy area. It's a literal carpet of Lego.

I wish I was kidding...

Yes, that's my front door on the upper right. So yes, this is what you'd see when you walk in the door. Lovely...

Then they attempted to invade the living room with their play.

Hold up, Cowboys!

I told them that if they didn't have enough room to play in their own area, they'd need to tidy up.

It got quiet.

Astoundingly quiet.

Then I learned why...


  1. I'm desperately trying to keep with the one toy out at a time rule in the house. I'm losing.

  2. EricisnotagiantsquidJune 18, 2013 at 7:03 PM

    My inner 10-yr old just suddenly tried jumping through the screen. Oh holy balls of yarn you have a lot of Legos. We have a place nearby called Techno-Chaos that's a place people pay $7 so their kid can play with about that many Legos for as long as they can take it. You are sitting on a goldmine. Also there's this. You got two boys and 1.8 billion Legos. I've got two girls and 236 Barbies, babies, Disney Princesses, and oddly enough two Optimus Primes. They are all naked. Well, Optimus doesn't really wear clothes, but the rest make we wonder if they girls aren't trying to recreate something they saw on 60 Minutes regarding brothels in Thailand.