Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lessons from Pinterest

Yes, I’m one of those crazy ladies on Pinterest. And since my filter’s broken, I occasionally pin inappropriate stuff. Truth.

This post isn't about that. (Sorry to disappoint.)

One of my favourite boards, though, is titled Things To Keep In Mind. It’s usually safe.

All it is, really, is a bunch of sayings. Tidbits of wisdom pared down into concise messages... some of them have become my mantras of sanity.

Like this one:

And we all know that person who needs a good smack upside the head because they just don’t GET it—that happiness is a choice; that just because bad shit happens to you, you don’t need to let it win by tainting your life with such negativity and victimhood.

Seriously, there are days where I wish it is kosher to blurt out, “No wonder your life is such a drag, you have so much shit weighing you down! Let it GO!”

And I don’t mean pretend it never happened—learn from it. Move on.

Sometimes the bad things that happen to us are due to personal choices, and sometimes it’s the universe shitting on us for no good reason. It doesn’t matter either way—pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and grow.

In short: I have no patience for victimhood.

And somebody out there who knows me in real life is going to gasp and be mortified and assume (wrongly) that this post is a reaction to them. No.

No, no one did anything to spark this post. When I was considering blogging again, the idea of discussing Pinterest swirled within the brainstorm, and that's where this comes from. This is easily one of my top five favourite quotes I've come across on Pinterest, so I thought it would be as good a place to start as any...

So go. Draw strength.


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