Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Boxing Day

Yes, because savvy blogger I am, I've had a whack of posts scheduled over the last few weeks to cover the December frenzy here at Chez Lannis and completely forgot to whip up a merry Christmas post.


So Merry Boxing Day. Enjoy.

Or don't, since despite being paired with envious savings, the culture of Boxing Day (or Boxing Week) sales ultimately ends in frustration--grabby shoppers, rude parking lots, and general disgruntlement.

Unless you do as Mr Lannis says and "pack your patience."

Or do as I do and go solo and pack my Kindle...

A long line to wait? No worries--I've got 212 books in my purse. Truth.


  1. Patience, thy name is "Kindle"

  2. And a merry belated boxing day to you too, Leslie! We bought groceries on boxing day with hubby and both kids in tow, and did some brief mall browsing as well (came away with calendars, books for kids, assorted girly things from Claire's for my girly girl, and a new headset for hubby). Today I was scheduled to volunteer for a couple of hours in the morning, so afterwards I took advantage of being kid-free and snuck over to Walmart. Lemme tell ya, bargain hunting is so much more fun when you're all by yourself.